20th Anniversary Art Exhibition

Twin Peaks Pop-Up

Due to public demand and a fortuitous invitation, a Twin Peaks pop-up in collaboration with the London Coffee Festival, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, was held on 25-28 April , 2013.

The Twin Peaks pop-up was basically the original official Twin Peaks: 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition, which debuted at the Menier gallery, London 2012, with additional new commissioned works by artists Javier Jaen and Paul Willoughby, respectively.

Twin Peaks.  Coffee aficionados.  London.

A huge thank you and appreciation to the London Coffee Festival ( who were such warm and caffeinated hosts. What a successful & lively event this turned out to be; 16,000+ attendees - wow, hit us up again.


Following are details of the new works by said artists:

Javier Jaen

'Cafuertera I', 'Cafuertera II', 'Cafuertera III'

Series of 3
Gliclee print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper, Limited Edition of 20 each piece (I, II and III – each piece purchased separately), signed and numbered
Size: 11.7 x 8.3 inches

120 GBP each piece, unframed.

  • 'Cafuertera I'

  • 'Cafuertera II'

  • 'Cafuertera III'

Paul Willoughby

'Laura RIP', 'Cooper', 'Lucy', 'Gordon Cole', 'Shelly'

Series of 5
Medium: Postcard, ink
Size: aprx 9 x 14 cm

160 GBP each, framed.

My Postcard drawings explore a common thread between time, environment, character and ephemera.

  • 'Laura RIP'

  • 'Cooper'

  • 'Lucy'

  • 'Gordon Cole'

  • 'Shelly'

Javier Jaen

Graphic artist. Barcelona.

Jaen has won two major awards from the arts & design industry this year;

PRINT Magazine Award 2013: New Visual Artist (20 under 30)

Download the article PDF

LAUS Award 2013, ADG-FAD

The Laus Awards are organized by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD (ADG-FAD). ADG is a national, private, non-profit association. For the past 50 years, the goal has been to promote graphic design and visual communication in the cultural and economic life of Spain. The Laus Awards are the best representation of this ambition, a real working thermometer for design and communication.

Jaen has been awarded the Laus 2013 Bronze for his 'Twin Peaks 20' piece.


Paul Willoughby

Graphic artist and former creative director of film magazine Little White Lies.

Now at